How do I make an application to the Adjudicator?

The first step is to ensure that the parties and the ITA Co have entered into an ITA Deed. Telstra Wholesale Customers should contact their Telstra Wholesale Account Manager to obtain an executable copy of this document. Alternatively, a copy is available on the relevant page of the ACCC website here.

An application to the Adjudicator must be in writing, provide details of the applicant, describe the subject matter of the ITA dispute and provide any other evidence or material in support of the application.

To refer a dispute to the ITA Adjudicator you can use this webform. Alternatively, you can contact the ITA Adjudicator by email at

To refer a dispute to the ACCC to act as the Adjudicator, please visit their website here.

Shaking hands after completed dispute application with the ITA in Melbourne