A meeting with the ITA who are Melbourne's Independent Telecommunications Adjudicator

The Independent Telecommunications Adjudicator

The purpose of this website is to explain the objectives and operation of the new “fast track” dispute resolution process involving the Independent Telecommunications Adjudicator (ITA).  This new process is designed to be a fast, flexible, pragmatic, efficient and cost-effective means of dispute resolution for involved parties.

The Independent Telecommunications Adjudicator (ITA) acts as an independent body handling and investigating certain disputes between one or more Telstra Wholesale Customers and Telstra. Accordingly, the Independent Telecommunications Adjudicator does not deal with consumer disputes.

More information regarding who acts as the ITA and the nature of this role is available here, and a brief summary of the relevant dispute resolution process in which the ITA is involved (ITA Process) is here This website also includes a great deal of other information relating to dealings with the ITA and precisely when and how the ITA Process can be used, as reflected by the main section links at the top of this page.

Resolving disputes

We have tried to make as much information available to you as possible, in an effort to help you decide if you need to lodge a dispute, and if so, what steps you can take.

We are independent and your information will be treated as highly confidential.

See our Contact page if you would like to get in touch with us to receive more information.

Get in touch

At The ITA, we are able to assist you and your business, providing that the corresponding parties have entered into an ITA Deed and paid the relevant fees.

To find out if this applies to you, please read the information on this website.

If you have any further questions, we can always be reached by phone or email.